La IDA is our way of giving form to the topics of physical health and the love of the game. We design age-independent games that help develop our motor skills at a young age and maintain them later. Always with high standards of aesthetics and materials.

The hands behind it

With a lot of time due to Corona, the decision was made in 2021 to finally make the loggos a reality. This also created la IDA as a space for creative ideas, workshops and experiments on the topic of moving play. The foundation for many other playful products from the mind of the founder Max.

Building balance

An idea as simple as stacking stones. Created in 2018 as a semester project and at the beginning it was nothing more than a branch cut at an angle. The enthusiasm and ambition that these first prototypes sparked led to the decision to implement the loggos via a Kickstarter campaign in 2021.

Including production

We produce the loggos together with the inclusive Lebenshilfe Stuttgart workshops and are very proud to have such a team at the work tables in the background.

Playing as therapy

The loggos have already been tested extensively in occupational therapy, rehabilitation programs and dementia wards. Calming the hands and the mind and feeling for a moment our intuitive sense of balance and equilibrium seems to reach a primal human core deep within us. And if you have fun while doing it, even better.

Playful artifact

More than just toys. The logos are playful design objects with a highly encouraging character. They remind us every day to put our cell phones away and let our hands and mind rest for a brief moment.

Especially natural

For us, the origin and quality of our materials are a large part of the value of our games. We source all materials, adhesives and printed products from Germany. Exceptions: Walnut (Canada) and the cotton bags (Poland). Wood, fabrics and cardboard come from certified sustainable cultivation. Shipping is plastic-free and climate-neutral.

Excellent design

The Loggos have already received several awards in the last two years. We are very happy!